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20th century


Unsettled traveller, short jobs, self employed and independent contractor.

1997: Trainee Hairdresser

1997: Started writing scripts under name of "Udigrudi."

1999: Founded Udigrudi Books and movies.  Greeting cards, magazines, 

2001-2002: Université de Caen, Haute Normandie, Licénse Exchange.

1998-2003 BA in Film and TV and French Language and literature from the University of Wales, Aberystwyth.

2003: Trainee teacher: dropped out halfway.  (Disagreement with superiors.)

2004-2005 Manpower c/o BT, Directory Enquiries

Learned a simple phone script, kind of like an actor, and even wrote one.  Got a gift voucher for my trouble, which I used to buy Hi8/Digital8 video tapes.

2009- 2011 MA Media Production

2009: founded Ptara dba.

2010 Carers, a Secret Service

2011 Bonjour Dewi

2012-2014 Dara Says

2015 United States and Ukraine

2013-present ghost writer

2018: No Med School

CV offline at the moment. Most of my online stuff is at ptara.com

I used to be a web designer, but now I am focusing on fiction.  This website

email me at vasco @ [thisdomainname].

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