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Some Projects I've worked on

No Med School (2017-2018)

Writer, graphics, research, animator

United States and Ukraine (2015)

Edited footage to create a feature length documentary about the relationship between the two countries.

Dara Says (2014)

Editor, Director, Actor

Ptara 1812 Timeline (2012)

Creator, editor, contributor

Bonjour Dewi (2010-)

Animator, voices, writer, creator

Carers, a Secret Service (2010)

Camera and sound recording, interviewer. Documentary about the plight of carers.

New Orleans International Human Rights Film Festival: website (2005)

Designed a website for the festival, updated information in real time.

Filmmaking Society Newsletter (1999)

Editor in chief, contributor

Burning Bridges (1994)

Editor in chief, contributor

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