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What did you expect, javascript?  I'm a filmmaker, not a web designer.

Script name rating Length (mins) Roles* locations Extras Price budget availability other
The Ring PG 5 2 (1m, 1f) 1 moving 0 neg low pending 2018
Sequels Not Even Hollywood Would Make 12/PG13 15 10+ 5+ 10+ neg*** high available 2017
Montaigne's Exam 12 8 4 3 + neg mid available 2000
I don't get it PG 5 9 3 + neg mid available


The Sorrows of Deirdre 12 58 10+ 5+ 100+ neg high available 2001,2018

More screenplays to be announced in the future.

*by roles, we mean significant speaking parts.
** By extras, there are bit parts with few lines, voice over parts, and silent parts.  For instance, these could be a crowd, or students in a class.  In some cases, these can be implied rather than shown, or created with stock footage.

*** Neg means negotiable.

Other projects seeking finance:

TV pilots:

Sorrows of Deirdre (58 minutes)

Transmedia Projects:

Vote For Attila

Web Series:

Bonjour Dewi

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